Membership in WPN is open to any presenting individual or presenting organization that shares the stated goals of the Wisconsin Presenters Network. Membership is not open to artists or artist agencies. An annual membership fee of $100 must be paid to remain an active member and to receive member benefits. Members are required to share information that will benefit other members of WPN as stated in the goals for the organization.


  • Develop professional relationships with other presenters in Wisconsin

  • Share and distribute current information important for WPN members

  • Provide advocacy for performing arts in Wisconsin

  • Provide information exchange and cooperative booking for WPN members

  • Provide professional growth and development opportunities for WPN members

Members Receive:

  • Access to Members Only area of the website.

  • Access to the Block Booking Database.

  • Access to extended Member Directory Organization profile information.

  • Access to Listservs to contact groups of WPN members via email with a single email.

  • Access to Forums of WPN Members with specific areas of work or interest.

  • Access to searches of artists previously presented by WPN members.

  • Access to entering public events presented by your organization on the WPN calendar.

  • Invitations and reminders for Member Meetings.

  • Invitations to the Annual WPN Members Conference.

  • Opportunities to network with fellow presenters close to your venue.

  • Opportunities for continuing education and workshops.

  • Opportunities for attending artist showcases at conferences.

  • Opportunities for the best networking and communication with other presenters of professional performing arts in Wisconsin and surrounding states.